we resist.
Eva-Maria Lopez


we resist. is a art work and research about resistance of plants against herbicides like glyphosate.ent. This adaption is a naturally process, following Charles Darwin evolutionary theory.  Naturally the genetical change is to survive in cases of climate changes. 

For the project, which is in a relation to last work “I Never Promised You a Green Garden” I have chosen several plants, such as Papaver rhoeas L. (Poppy) or Equisetum arvense (Field horsetail) and others, with a cultural symbolic and also medical vertues.

The photos of the plants are showing other side the story, the beauty and fragility of a poppy and the contradiction of being a “superweed”. The manner (photography) is referring to scientific illustrations and herbariums, like from Alexander von Humboldt or Sybilla von Merian.

The second photo shows the plant in herbicide treated surroundings - like fields, railway as well as in urban structures and private courtyards.

we resist. It is about causing an awareness of our flora and the question of an sustainable cultivation. And what is the impact of this new technics on our life?